The office for the Georgia Retired Educators Association Archives and History Committee is in part of the GREA office in Gainesville, Georgia. The Archives and History Committee meets monthly to work on the preservation of photos, reports and other artifacts relating to public education in Georgia. One large room at the entrance to the state office complex is devoted to presenting books, photos, furniture and other artifacts that have been donated by members. The committee is interested in collecting materials for the proposed museum which we hope will soon become a reality.

Members of the Archives and History Committee work in the silent auction held at the state convention each year.

Members of the GREA Archives and History Committee:

  • Kate Finch, Chair
  • Shirley Grant
  • Jan McCord

Members of the Archives and History Committee who also serve on Museum committees are: Dorothy Houston, Mary Long and Deloris Mullins.

The Archives and History Committee welcomes memorial or honor donations. We also appreciate donations from each local unit. Contributions may be made as memorials for members or to honor members.