About Us


Georgia Retired Educators Association began in 1958 as Georgia Retired Teachers Association. The organization has evolved, through sixty-four years of specialization and diversity of educational roles, and adopted its current name in 1998 to better describe the membership potential. GREA continues to be the only organization that concentrates exclusively on the needs of Georgia retired educators.

Purposes of GREA

  • To promote the economic, social, and professional status of retired educators, and the distribution of information of value to them.
  • To promote passage of legislation beneficial to retired educators and work toward the defeat of legislation harmful to retired educators.
  • To promote the advancement of high-quality education to enable educators to maintain their interest in education and their fields of specialization.
  • To promote the involvement of retired educators in community service and the decision-making process in the State and Local communities.
  • To present the image of aging as one of dignity and independence.
  • To encourage active educators to begin retirement preparation well in advance of retiring.

Purposes of Local Unit

  • To provide opportunity for support and fellowship with friends and retired educators.
  • To provide an organizational framework through which retired educators can continue a life of service to fellow members, their active colleagues, and their communities.
  • To respond to community needs and encourage retired educators to contribute their talents and experience to the decision-making processes in their communities.
  • To familiarize retired and active educators with benefits of membership in the Local Unit and the State Organization.
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Our Mission


The GREA Mission shall be to unite retired educators in Georgia for fellowship, support, and educational / community service and to improve benefits for all retired educators through cooperation with local, state and national organizations.