As the GREA/GREM year continues, we have much to be thankful for. The museum/office is a beautiful facility that is serving the needs of our membership and showcases the history of Georgia education. The artifacts in the museum continue to increase in number as the History and Archives Committee devotes time and energy to the display of these materials. My hat is off in thanks to Mary Long and Jacqueline McClendon and all the members of the committee for their dedication to the museum.

As the museum continues to be developed, we will be enlisting the talents of a professional curator, Ms. Jane Leavey. Ms. Leavey will assist the group in the collection of artifacts and methods of displaying materials. Ms. Leavey was the Founding Director of the Breman Jewish Heritage Museum in Atlanta. Stay tuned for exciting museum events!

The GREM Board of Directors decided to use one name for the museum. It is the Georgia Retired Educators Museum. This is the legal name and the name of the physical building. The acronym is GREM. Several names were being used, which caused confusion. Just remember, help us commemorate the history of Georgia education through your purchase of bricks, donation of artifacts, and your visits to the Georgia Retired Educators Museum. Hope to see many of you in Macon!

Members of the Curator Committee:

  • Marcia Wendel, Chair
  • Patricia Denney
  • Becky Upchurch
  • O’Livia Meeks
  • Brenda Moore
  • Jo Ann Tomlinson
  • Mickey Wendel, ex-officio