Joining is easy!

Annual and lifetime memberships are available. Your membership helps strengthen our association and gives you a voice in the legislature on issues that affect retired educators.

Simply print and complete a membership form and mail to the address listed on it to become a member.

  • GREA is an organization of 32,000+ members. It is managed by and for all active and retired Pre-K-Higher Education educators.
  • GREA is governed by an 18-member board from 18 distinct areas of the state.
  • Officers include President and President-Elect from a statewide election.
  • An Executive Director runs the day to day operations and is appointed by the Governing Board.
  • GREA advocates for its retired members at state agencies, councils, and committees and advises them on how they can advocate as members.
  • GREA issues Legislative Alerts on pending legislative matters as necessary.
  • GREA strives to improve the economic well being of its retired members.
  • GREA Represents YOU as a Retired Educator. It Advocates for your WELL-FARE and it is YOUR association. It will only be as good as YOU make it!
  • Join Georgia Retirees to help make your association larger, your voice stronger, and your representation more effective.
  • Together we CAN make a difference -- For Retirees

For any questions on Membership or more information please call (866)-979-0534.