2023-2024 Year

Find here all the information you need concerning the 2023-2024 from Joe Boland. From his opening speech:

  1. Thanks all around - previous presidents, GREA office, previous board, local units...
  2. Lester Dean - hired Dr. Sloan, AMBA, poem
  3. Get on the Bus - theme, colors, banner, quilt, pens, pins, Gene Clark, t-shirts, wrist bands- join, get members,-fellowship, service, support
  4. Team bus - we go together, support one another, work for the team
  5. Field trip - visit GREM, meet off-site, take a trip
  6. Keep it in the road - leadership, local units, membership, AMBA, fellowship, service, support
  7. Goals - 
  • Stay in our lane
  • Totes to Tots - $35,500, Darrell Dobey... goal for each unit...A=125, AA=175, AAA=275, AAAA=425, AAAAA= 525
  • Membership - 35,500- just over 7% growth
  • Fellowship - Get on the Bus - go somewhere together
  • Communication - Board/ website info.....
  • Leave the bus clean - be a good steward- great organization, great bus drivers, strong membership, solid finances, active local units

President Boland's opening speech, linked below, contains the poem "Why I Love Her (Georgia)" by Lester Dean.

For those interested, the following items still remain from "Boland's Booty!"

  • 1 XL t-shirt
  • 1 2XL t-shirt
  • 22 3XL t-shirts
  • pins and pens
  • 3 posters

You may order and pay and they will be delivered to Area Directors at the Governing Board Meeting October 16-19. This will allow you to avoid paying postage.